Green Vinyl Coated Chain Link Fence

Green Vinyl Coated Chain Link Fence by Elyria Fence

Green Vinyl Coated Chain Link

Our vinyl coated fences are available in black, green, brown or white. You have the flexibility of choosing the height. Four and five foot are most common, however, it is available in heights as low as 3 foot and as high as you choose. Don't forget, though, that most building departments will ask that residential customers not be higher than six foot.

Our vinyl coated fences are built with the same strength as our aluminized fencing. The gates are also welded, and all of the posts are also set in concrete. Our installers are skilled in "dressing" the wire, which is the proper way to install chain link. We are fortunate to have installers with years of experience with our company. There are few people in this industry with the talent to correctly "dress" chain link. This fabric is only available in one gauge, which is nine gauge, however, the post sizes will vary according to your height of fence. They will not be smaller than 2 1/2" for the end or corner posts and 1 5/8" for the line posts.

For the convenience of our customers we provide installations year around, however, be sure to plan ahead on your installation. The summer months are very busy, and this will allow us to accomodate for your holiday parties or pool installation. Contact one of our estimators for a free appointment to discuss design and pricing options.

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