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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need for a ballpark estimate?
Does Elyria Fence apply for city building permits?
Do I need a survey? Who takes care of the underground utilities?
Once my wood fence or deck is installed do I need to seal it?
Does Elyria Fence sell material only?
What areas do you work in?
Is there a long wait to have my job installed?
Can I have an exact installation date?
Does Elyria Fence use concrete when setting posts?

I would like to grow a Wisteria Vine, what type of arbor or pergola will I need?

I am planning to landscape around my future fence, should the landscaping go in before the fence work?

I've already landscaped the area, and I've decided to add a fence. How will that affect my newly planted flowers?

Are your products American Made?

Q: What do I need for a ballpark estimate?

A: First you will need to know approximately what your total footage is. You will want to know the height of fence you are looking for. If it's wood you are interested in, it's helpful for us to know the design you like best, and whether or not you want a space between the boards or solid. If you are interested in a deck you will need to know the approximate square footage. Lastly, it's important to keep in mind that our company has no interest in competing on the basis of cost using low quality materials and workmanship. Elyria Fence insists on building the best product that we can with the highest quality materials available. There are currently no companies in Northern Ohio that provide the designs that we build. There are also no companies currently in Northern Ohio that use the high quality of wood nor the species of wood that we use. It would be impossible to receive an apples to apples quote between us, and any other companies in Northern Ohio. We also highly recommend that you look up each company through the Better Business Bureau and also Angie's List. Be mindful that many companies go out of business (taking customer deposits with them) just to open back up under a new name. Be sure to search under their old aliases for a proper review of their business practices. There are currently two companies that are operating under new names this year in the Northern Ohio area.
Of course, we would be more than happy to come to your home, and give you an accurate installed price. Our estimators are extremely knowledgeable, and will bring photos of previous work we've done. They will work with you on a design that best fits your needs and home.

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Q: Does Elyria Fence apply for city building permits?

A: Yes, we do all the work on that end. Each city has different building codes, and your estimator will be very knowledgeable on each of them. We are licensed and bonded in most cities, and have a good working relationship with the building departments. Every city is different, but on average it takes approximately two weeks for us to receive your permit.

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Q: Do I need a survey? Who takes care of the underground utilities?

A: Our estimators will help you determine if you need a survey. If it's best to go ahead with it we will be happy to make recommendations of reputable surveyors. We also call all of the underground utility companies. This ensures the safety of all of our employees, and prevents any inconvenience for our customers due to lack of electricity, etc.

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Q: Once my wood fence or deck is installed do I need to seal it?

A: We always recommend that everyone use a high quality (not the lowest price) wood sealant on their fence or deck. White Cedar is the best option for a wood fence, and you can expect years of enjoyment out of it. However, if you protect it the fence will last even longer. Elyria Fence also recommends staining your fence or deck right away if it's possible. It's best to contact your local paint store for an expert opinion. Elyria/Lorain Paints, who is not connected with our company in any way, has always given good advice to our customers for each of their projects. They are located at 6936 Lake Ave in Elyria, and may be reached at 440-324-4144. Keep in mind that in terms of a stain/water repellent you get what you pay for. A good stain/water repellent is a good investment. Not only will the stain work harder for you, but it will need to be done less often. Click here to visit our blog for additional information on staining and the available products.

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Q: Does Elyria Fence sell material only?

A: All of the products that we offer are available in material only packages. Of course, all of our fences are custom-built. Therefore, there are no prefabricated panels in stock. We do not ship any of our products. For the most part, vinyl fences, vinyl railings, ornmental aluminum fences and railings and the simtek fencing are set up on territories. You can contact those manufacturers, and they should be able to put you in touch with a local dealer.

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Q: What areas do you work in?

A: Don't be fooled by our name - Elyria Fence has been pleased to offer our fences, pergolas, trellises, garden arches, arbors and for installation in the following Ohio cities for 84 years: Akron, Amherst, Ashland, Avon, Avon Lake, Bainbridge, Bath, Bay Village, Beachwood, Bedford Heights, Belden, Bellevue, Berea, Berlin Heights, Birmingham, Boston Heights, Bratenahl, Brecksville, Broadview Heights, Brooklyn/Old Brooklyn, Brookpark, Brunswick, Carlisle Township, Castalia, Catawba, , Chipewa On The Lake, Cleveland, Cleveland Heights, Columbia Station, Copley, Creston, East Cleveland, Eaton, Elyria, , Fairview Park, Fairlawn, Friendsville, Garfield Heights, Gates Mills, Grafton, Hinckley, Homerville, Huron, Hudson, Independence, Kelly's Island, Kipton, LaGrange, Lakeside Marblehead, Lakewood, LaPorte, Litchfield, Lodi, Lorain, Lyndhurst, Macedonia, Maple Heights, Medina, Milan, Monroeville, New London, New Russia Township, Northfield, North Olmsted, North Ridgeville, North Royalton, Norwalk, Oakwood, Oberlin, Ohio City, Olmsted Falls, Parma, Penfield Township, Peninsula, Pepper Pike, Pittsfield, Polk, Port Clinton, Put-In-Bay, Richfield, , Rittman, Rochester, Rocky River, Sagamore Hills, Salem, Sandusky, Seville, Shaker Heights, Sharon Center, Sheffield, Sheffield Lake, Sheffield Township, Sheffield Village, Solon, South Amherst, South , Spencer, Strongsville, Stow, Tremont, University Heights, Valley City, Valley View, Vermilion, Wadsworth, Wakeman, Wellington, Westlake, West Salem, Woodmere.

Not on the above list? If you reside in Huron County, Erie County, Lorain County, Medina County, Cuyahoga County, Summit County, and western Geauga County then we probably work in your area. Give us a call at 440-323-7581, and we can quickly let you know either way. Our fences, lattice, pergolas, trellises, garden arches, and arbors are also available as a do-it-yourself kit. Why settle for a poor quality product from a box store, simply because you'd like to do the project yourself? Let us know what you need, and we're happy to build it for you!. See our Out Of State contact page for more information on shipping our products. Our products are available as a material only order. All of our designs are proprietary to our company. We take great pride in each of them, and do not sell any type of building plans.

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Q: Is there a long wait to have my job installed?

A: At the moment, we are recomending to ALL customers - if you need a early summer installation, please, please, please arrange your estimate NOW. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work. Thankfully, this places our company in high demand. Help us to provide you with excellent customer service by planning way in advance on your installation schedule. Our waiting list for installations will vary throughout the year. Of course, the spring & summer months are the busiest therefore the wait will be a bit longer. All of our installers are trained in the "Elyria Fence Way" for installations. We have eighty years of experience, and we are a small company that prides itself on each and every job we install. We want our customers to be happy with the fence or deck they receive, and therefore refuse to rush through any job. Our customers receive a high-quality, handcrafted, custom-built product that is not available anywhere else. We survive on word of mouth advertising, and therefore our customers' happiness is of the utmost importance. Our customers' installations are handled on a first come first serve basis. Therefore we highly recommend that everyone plan ahead for that upcoming party or any other upcoming plans. The more notice you give us, the easier it is for us to accommodate your plans. The best time of year to purchase a fence or deck with little wait is in the winter months. Elyria Fence has the equipment to allow us to work year around, and the wait will be shorter for the customer.

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Q: Can I have an exact installation date?

A: We do the best we can to accommodate all of our customers. However, it is nearly impossible for us to give an exact installation date. There are so many factors that come into play that are behind the scenes of your individual installation. First and foremost, if it's raining we can not run a lot of our equipment due to electrical cords, etc. If we are in a drought, the ground is extremely hard, and therefore the digging of the holes is much slower. In this industry, like any business, there is a statement that is common, "If it can go wrong, it will go wrong." All of these things and more can change installation dates.
When you place the deposit on your fence we will be able to give you an idea of the weekly waiting list. We usually have an idea of an exact date a week ahead of your installation. Our scheduler or your estimator, will call a day or two before to make sure the date is ok with the customer. If you think you may have a conflict with a vacation or anything else that you foresee please let us know. We will make sure to work the schedule date around your availability.

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Q: Does Elyria Fence use concrete when setting posts?

A: Yes. All of our fences and (excluding split rail) are set in concrete. The hole is dug two and a half feet deep (this is below the freeze line) and "belled" out at the bottom, and the top will be back-filled with dirt. The dirt will prevent the concrete from freezing, and the "bell" will prevent the post from being heaved out of the ground. Proper installation of posts is critical to a fence installation. If concrete is not used or if it's used incorrectly the fence will never hold up. We do not use concrete on our split rail. Split rail fences are so open that there is little risk of it being blown over, etc.


Q: I would like to grow a Wisteria Vine, what type of arbor or pergola will I need?

A: Wisteria Vines are a very unique flower to grow. They are quite heavy, and very wide. It requires a very special structure to support it. Minimally, the arbor or pergola will need to be 4' deep. They grow very long, and will require a structure that will be longer than the typical arbor or pergola. Lastly, it's best to use a 6x6 post for your structure. This will provide years of strength for your Wisteria. With proper planning and care you will enjoy your vine for years and years with no issue or problems from the structure supporting it!

Q: I am planning to landscape around my future fence, should the landscaping go in before the fence work?

A: If you have the ability to put your landscaper off - always do the fence first. Remember that for our installers to install your fence we have to be able to walk in the area, dig holes (which can produce a lot of excess dirt), place the post in, and fill the hole with concrete. It would be impossible for us to guarantee that there will be no plant damage. Whether our installer accidentally steps on a flower, or possibly a post hole is going right into your prized tulips - these are things that are often not avoidable for us. Always arrange your fence before the landscapers. It will ensure a much more pleasant installlation for you, and your landscaper will appreciate the plan as well!

Q: I've already landscaped the area, and I've decided to add a fence. How will that affect my newly planted flowers?

A: Our installers do their very best to not leave a mess in yards or landscape beds. It's important, though, to be realistic. If we have installers setting posts and nailing fence in the middle of a bunch of flowers - there will probably be some flowers that get stepped on. They make every attempt to avoid damage, but it's very difficult. Plus, posts will need to be set in the midst of the flowers. Some flowers will be necessary casualties simply due to digging a hole, and pouring in the concrete. We prefer to set our posts at even widths apart. It makes the panels all the same length, and is considerably more attractive. There will certainly be scenarios that line a post up with the location of a current flower. We will make every attempt to avoid damage to current flowers and other plantings, but we cannot be responsible for possible damage to current plantings that are in line with the fence that's been ordered.

Q: Are your products American Made?

A: Absolutely! As a company we firmly believe that it's our responsibility to stay loyal to the country that we love so much. Every product that our company sells, and installs is manufactured in the United States. It's unfortunate that many companies are advertising that their products are American Made, and yet the reality is that they are only assembled in the United States out of poor quality imported materials. We can genuinely say that everything we offer was manufactured in America out of American product. Our Ornamental Aluminum fences are manufactured in Michigan out of American aluminum. Our vinyl fences are manufactured in Ohio out of vinyl product that originated from Nebraska. Our vinyl railings are manufactured in Indiana. Our chain link fences (vinyl coated and aluminized) are all constructed out of American steel, and the wood that we use for our amazing and unique wooden fences is harvested out of Michigan. We're proud of this country, and there is no real reason to look outside the USA for products. Well... unless your intention is to offer something of poor quality in order to save a couple of dollars!

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